Whether you’re all about taking fire Insta pics or dancing on TikTok, you might be just exactly what we are looking for! Barbizon is looking for new brand ambassadors to help represent our brand on social platforms. Here are some characteristics that we look for in influencers for our Barbizon Bestie program (plus, these are great tips if you’re looking to get involved with other brands and companies as an influencer!):

Authenticity: Make social media content that represents who YOU are. While trends and fads are fun to follow, influencers are called that because they create their own trends. Create content that makes you happy and that you’re passionate about! Being genuine will translate clearly and people will be more likely to continue to boost your engagement.


Confidence: A big way to make yourself stand out is confidence. If you walk into a room with confidence, people are more likely to notice. The same is true with social media. Posting in outfits you feel confident in or speaking without overthinking can make all the difference! 


Independence: Comparing yourself to any other person online can block your creative flow! Worrying about followers and views is only going to stunt your growth. Be independent and only worry about what you like! If you are happy with yourself and the content you are making, there is a big chance that other people will too. 


So, what are you waiting for? Apply today to become a Barbizon ambassador! By applying, you will be considered for future social media projects with our team. https://brbzn.co/ambassador