Since 1939, Barbizon graduates have gone on to work in thousands of industries and professions. Reading up on Barbizon reviews is a great way to learn a little bit about our company and see what experiences others have had. Check it out and review Barbizon’s modeling, acting and personal development program below.


Barbizon Reviews From Parents

“My daughter Kathryn (Katie) is a recent graduate; graduating in March of this year. I always knew she had talent but Barbizon made her really shine. They are wonderful!!!” Read More

Dedra, Barbizon Parent

“For us, as a family this has been about supporting Sam and giving her the greatest opportunity to be everything she desires to be. Barbizon has been an extraordinary experience for our entire family…” Read More

– Bill McAlpine, Barbizon Parent

Barbizon Reviews From Students

“Barbizon has made me a whole person. Not only has it helped me pursue my modeling and acting career, but it has given me confidence in my everyday life…” Read More

– Alexis, Barbizon Student

“Where to begin…Barbizon has changed my life in such a wonderful way! The classes have taught me to be proud of whom I am. From the first day, I knew it was a new beginning for me and for everyone else that was there with me! Barbizon should be a requirement for all teenage girls and boys! ” Read More

– Katelyn Hartsell, Barbizon Alum

Barbizon Reviews From Agents and Manager

“Barbizon is amazing to work with. They are professional and have a real knowledge of the industry that they use to prepare their students. I have had great success working with Barbizon.” Read More

– Randy Cazzalino, C/H Management

“Barbizon provides connections from agents and managers from all over the world. For someone that’s not in Barbizon, it’s harder for them to get in touch with agents and managers to get represented and into the projects.” Read More

– Jessica Chung, Envy Model Management, LA

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