By: Kristina Anderson, Barbizon International

Have you ever kept a journal to keep track of important things that happen during your day? Something most actors should consider is creating an audition journal. New actors can benefit from keeping an audition notebook to keep a record of the things they do well during auditions and also to see if there are any patterns for things they might want to improve for future auditions.

Creating an audition notebook is simple. Start by setting a journal or a binder of clean paper aside that you will only use to write about your audition experiences. After you audition for a new role, take time in a quiet place to reflect on how the audition went. If you could re-do your audition, what would you do different? What did you do well? Be specific and go all the way back to how you felt before the audition. How could you make that part of the audition process go better? What clothes did you wear and how did they work out? If you used props, did you use them well? Would you do anything different with them?

By keeping a journal, you will be able to learn from your own experiences every time you audition for a new role. An audition notebook can help you to be more introspective and can help you make the auditioning portion of being an actor second nature.


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