By: David Wooddell, Barbizon USA


As a rule of thumb, it only takes one callback or “interest” to gain representation and enter into the entertainment industry. If you’re new to the industry, you may be asking yourself “what should I do” or more importantly, “what shouldn’t I do” when I’m meeting with an agent or manager at a callback. Here are a few helpful tips to master the callback process.

Be Confident! When you are approaching and meeting with agents/managers that show interest in you, you should always be in “business-ready” mode. The way you interact with these professionals, even down to the way you walk/sit/talk to during callbacks, can make or break your career. So many times I’ve noticed clients walking around with awful posture & slouching in their seats. Be alert and attentive!

Be Interesting! If you’re at a scouting event, find a creative way to “sell yourself” to the industry professionals that you’re meeting with. You should create a few talking points that don’t just include “I really want to act, model, sing, etc. I can’t tell you how many “hopeful-clients” I’ve met with while working at DreamScope Entertainment that would give me the same rehearsed bio. You know it… “Hello, my name is David and I just love acting! I really think you could benefit from signing me because I’m loyal, dedicated & ready to book jobs.” Find something new to share with them. Keep your introduction creative.

Be Engaged! If an industry professional is asking you questions, you should be engaged in that conversation. Don’t just respond with small phrase answers. It never fails… the nerves set in and all our mind thinks of saying are those small words… “Yes ma’am…” “No ma’am…” Break the habit! You should always use complete sentences & carry the conversation.

Gather Information! You should always have a pen and paper to take notes. Industry professionals may have a lot of information to share with you or may have little to none. Always be prepared to take down any information they give you…this could also include contact information.

Seal the Deal! You should walk away from your agency callback or meeting with a confident, excited attitude.

Following these very simple steps can help increase your chances tremendously. Good luck out there!


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