Facial expressions play a major role in runway shows. Often times a choreographer will direct models to the kinds of expressions he wants on their faces. This will establish a mood that is in sync with the style of clothes and vibe of the runway show as a whole.\r\n\r\nBelow are six types of facial expressions that are often seen on runway models:\r\n

    1. Natural\r\nThis is a peaceful and content look.\r\nNatural Runway Expression
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    3. Someplace Else\r\nThis is where the model looks a though she’s a million miles away.\r\nSomeplace Else Runway Expression
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    5. Happy\r\nA friendly face with a casual smile.\r\nHappy Runway Expression
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    7. Blank\r\nA generally emotionless and expressionless look.\r\nBlank Runway Expression
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    9. Dynamic\r\nThis is considered a flirty type of expression.\r\nDynamic Runway Expression
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    11. Junior\r\nA very happy face full of big smiles.\r\nJunior Runway Expression
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