By: Kristina Anderson, Barbizon International

At some point, models looking to break into the industry may need to set up a test shoot. A test shoot is a good way to practice and gain real-world modeling experience to show how you can move in front of a camera. Pictures from a test shoot can be used for submissions to agencies if a model is trying to gain representation. Sometimes, after a model is signed, agencies will coordinate a test shoot for their new models to build a book of pictures that can be used when a portfolio of work is not available.

You will want to prepare for a test shoot the same way you would for any photo shoot and make sure you are well rested beforehand. When you are booked for a test shoot, make sure that you ask enough questions  and know what you need to bring with you, if there are any special requirements for your look the day of the test shoot and the specifics of when and where the test photo shoot will be.

Be sure to bring your model tote packed with everything you will need for the day. Your hair should be clean without any products and your nails natural and set to a model manicure. It may also be a good idea to wear loose clothing to a test photo shoot to avoid having any markings on your skin that can show up in the pictures.


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