By: Jamie Rothberg

Pimples, dry skin and blackheads are just a few of the skin issues we all have to deal with. If you’re trying to find your perfect potion to look fresh faced and dewy everyday, look no further!

The first step to having great looking skin is keeping it clean. Wash your face every morning after you wake up and again before bedtime to take all of your makeup off. It is so important to take off all of your makeup at night to keep your pores from clogging.

The way you wash your face is important too. Use warm water to open your pores before you use your facial soap. Depending on your skin type you’ll want to use toner (for dry skin), astringent (for oily skin) or a freshener (for mixed skin) to soothe and balance your skin.

You’ll also want to moisturize your face every day. There are moisturizers with SPF for the day, heavy moisturizers to deep absorb into your face at night and clean, natural oils like avocado oil and Hawaiian kukui oil that can keep your skin youthful and nourished.

Your skin type plays a huge role in the way you should take care of your skin. Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Is your skin oily and a bit shiny? Then when you shop for face wash, you’ll want to make sure you get oil free. Do you have a lot of blackheads? Try using pore strips every once in a while. They work extremely well and you will see a difference almost immediately. If you’re dealing with pimples, try a spot treatment.

Another key factor that can affect skin appearance is stress. It is hard, in this industry, to not stress out but there are different ways to help cope with it. Make to-do lists, stop yourself in the middle of an activity and just breathe slowly. Everyone has their own techniques but stress free may lead to pimple free! And who doesn’t want that?


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