Going through a Barbizon training program provides graduates with a path to break into the modeling and acting industry. From modeling and acting skills to industry placement opportunities, Barbizon graduates take on the industry with connections and confidence! Just take it from Barizon USA graduate Kaitlyn Pinna in this exclusive interview. Kaitlyn is now a regular working model and actress in the industry and shares her insights into how Barbizon helped her get started in the industry.

Kaitlyn Pinna body shotBarbizon USA: From your experience from Barbizon student to now working actress, what is the best piece of advice you would give to all the students attending Day 1 of a Barbizon program?

Kaitlyn Pinna: My best advice for new students attending their first day of Barbizon class would be to take the classes seriously. Come prepared to learn, listen, and accept feedback. Be yourself and have fun.

BUSA: As someone who’s applied to a number of Barbizon Placement casting calls, what is your best piece of advice for new Placement talent submitting to opportunities this year?

KP: Submit to anything you have time for and fit the criteria for. Chances not taken are missed opportunities. Don’t let the fear of being rejected prevent you from submitting.

Kaitlyn Pinna reclining body shotBUSA: From Barbizon classes to castings, how has your development process with BUSA prepared you for working in the entertainment industry?

KP: Barbizon classes gave me an understanding and great base to build from. Since the classes ended, I have received continued help and support learning the ropes of navigating castings, how to submit, and how to show up and be accountable.

I have been very fortunate to have A-Rae from Placement guide me throughout my BUSA casting experience which has fostered continuous growth. I have learned many skills and tips even after I completed the Barbizon classes.

BUSA: What has your experience been like being on set through COVID protocols for casting?

KP: Barbizon follows CDC guidelines at all times. Everything is very controlled and safe with the current COVID protocols. Usually we test the day before, the morning of, and wear a mask when on set.

Kaitlyln Pinna modeling body shotBUSA: How has BUSA Placement contributed to your modeling and acting career overall?

KP: Placement started my career in the entertainment industry. I got my first paid job earlier this year and have since worked on multiple sets and have gained valuable knowledge. Placement has been crucial to my career as they have not only given me casting calls; but also connected me with additional agencies. It has truly made my dream of modeling and acting come true.

You know we can’t wait to continue to follow Kaitlyn’s journey in the modeling and acting industry. And if you’re ready to take on your dreams of modeling and acting too, start by requesting your Barbizon audition today!