When you go through a Barbizon modeling and acting program, you gain the skills, training, and connections to start your career in the industry! And recent Barbizon Atlanta graduate Joseph Tankel is proof of that in his journey from BUSA student to working talent in the industry.

Joseph Tankel head shotSince graduating from Barbizon USA, Joseph booked background and featured roles in TV series The Innocent, HEELS, Citadel, and feature film Harold and the Purple Crayon. He also booked runway shows for Coastal Fashion Week Tampa and Orlando and competed in the 33rd Annual Barbizon Competition in Atlanta. We spoke with Joseph to find out more about his Barbizon experience and how it prepared him for a career in modeling and acting. Catch the exclusive interview below!

From your experience as a student to now working as an actor, what is the best piece of advice you would give to all the students attending their first day of class?

Be open minded and ready to learn. Try to make friends and just have fun! Be at least 15 minutes early for class because if you show up at the time the class starts you are late. This also applies when you start your career.

After competing in a BUSA competition, what would be your best piece of advice for the new contestants?

Use the knowledge you learned in your classes and show the VIPs what you’ve got. Show you have confidence in yourself!

From your education, placement, and competition experience, what’s the best suggestion you have for those going through the development process with BUSA?

Learn as much as you can, ask lots of questions, and do research. This is not an easy process, but you have the support of BUSA to guide you.

Joseph Tankel posing on the runwayWhat advice would you give to to the parents of BUSA talent?

Be supportive and help your child through this process. Ask questions since this is a learning experience for you and your child.

Finally, how do you feel your BUSA experience has prepared you for working in the entertainment industry?

BUSA has given me confidence, knowledge, and support to take the next step in my career. I know I can rely on BUSA to help me if I ever need it!


You know we can’t wait to continue to follow Joseph’s journey in the modeling and acting industry. And if you’re ready to get the prep and skills you need to take on the industry too, you can start by requesting your Barbizon audition today!