By: Kristina Anderson, Barbizon International


The rule for audition ready makeup is simple: Less is more. Always. While you may be tempted to reach for your favorite glittery eyeshadow or to slather on that bronzer you never leave home without – don’t do it!

Casting calls and go sees are about showing the client what you really look like. This means wearing little to no makeup. Stay away from pinks, blues, greens, purples and any other color that you might normally wear.

Instead, your look for an audition should scream “I pretty much woke up like this.” You are a (mostly) blank canvas ready for the makeup artist and stylist to paint their picture for the project. If you absolutely must wear some makeup to your audition, here are the approved beauty items that will make sure you look like a pro:

If you’d like, you can smooth out your complexion by using dots of concealer where you need it.

If concealer isn’t enough, you can use a very small amount of foundation. Remember, you don’t want it to be caked on. The people at the audition will want to see what your skin is like so only use a tiny bit to smooth out your skin’s natural complexion.

A little bit of mascara is fine to use if you want to wake up your eyes. It would be best to not go too dramatic with your mascara though. If you have light hair, a light brown mascara will do the trick. If you have dark hair, feel free to use black mascara. Definitely no false lashes! Even with a bit of mascara, you should still look fresh faced and natural.

Neutral Lipstick Or Lipgloss
A lip moisturizer would probably be best, but if you want to enhance your look just a bit it’s ok to wear a very natural, skin toned lipstick or lip gloss to an audition.


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