By: Kristina Anderson, Barbizon International

As a model, you want to be able to do your part when it comes to getting the best shots. By being easy to work with, having the ability to take direction and staying mindful of the type of photo shoot you are working on, you will be able to set yourself apart as a professional. But how can you tell what the photographer is really looking for when working on a new shoot? Taking direction is key but you can pick up on a few cues about the style of the photo shoot just by paying attention to the details.

What are you selling? For commercial photoshoots consider what you are selling. Is it clothes? Shoes? Lipstick? Whatever the end product is, you can bet that the photographer will be focusing on it. Make sure that the poses and angles you use always accentuate the product.

Where are the lights? A key part of being a photographer is understanding the effects of different types of lights and playing with highlights and shadows. Whether it’s an outdoor, natural light photo shoot or an indoor overhead lit studio, it helps to know where your light source is and how your positions and poses will be affected by the light.

What is the perspective? Is the photographer shooting from a camera on a tripod at eye-level with you? Or maybe they’re taking an upshot from below? Or an aerial shot from above? Depending on where the camera is, you can get a feel for the perspective the photographer is looking to capture and know how to best work with the camera based on this.

These are just a few of the things the photographer is looking at and working with during a photo shoot. The more you know about the process, the better you can be prepared to give it your all and take direction from the photographer to get the best shots!


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