By: Theresa Standfast, Barbizon International

There are times in life when the right opportunity just falls into your lap. And for Natalia Brzozowski, her chance to start off 2020 following her dreams came in the form of Barbizon’s Get Discovered contest. As our 2019 winner, Natalia modeled for a photoshoot in Girls’ Life magazine and visited the epicenter of the acting and modeling world on a trip to L.A.!

As a former Barbizon graduate, we wanted to get to know Natalia a little bit better, from her likes and dislikes to her style habits and, of course, her reasons for pursuing modeling. So come dive in with us to learn more about Natalia in this exclusive interview. And you can even picture yourself in her shoes as the winner of Barbizon’s Get Discovered 2020 contest!

What do you love about modeling?
I love being a part of someone’s artistic vision – (and sometimes even my own) and creating/capturing something cool or beautiful. Of course, I also love traveling and meeting new people as well.

Where do you like to shop?
Zara, Marshalls, thrift shops, and online boutiques

Where is your favorite place you have ever visited?
Singapore and Chicago

Who is your celeb crush?
Theo James, Keith Powers, and Elias Riadi

Which living person do you admire most?
My grandma and mom. They are both ambitious, spirited women who have led me to where I am today and taught me countless lessons.

What is your favorite single item to shop for?
Jeans. Maybe sneakers as well…

How would you describe your style?
A mix of classy and street. I’m still figuring it out, though, and it’s a unique mixture of everything I like.

What is your favorite accessory?
Simple gold jewelry. I have small gold hoops and a little chain that I never take off.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Not very hidden, but I speak Chinese (and some French), and rock climb.

What three words would your friends use to describe you?
Innovative, ambitious, inquisitive

What is your biggest dream?
To travel and make an impact wherever I go – whether that be as a model or businesswoman or something else.

What three cities would you most like to visit?
New York, Marrakech, Venice

What is your favorite food?
Anything sweet.

If you had to wear one pair of shoes in your closet forever, what pair would you choose?
All-white Air Jordan 1s

What three beauty products can you not live without?
Lip balm, concealer, eyeliner

Who is your favorite designer?
Alexander Wang

Who inspires you in modeling?
First and foremost, my mother. She got me into modeling and has been by my side as a line of support and guidance ever since. Beyond that, I look up to models who use their platform to spread positivity and raise awareness on important matters – Zendaya, Cara Delevingne, Ashley Graham, Paloma Elsesser, Adut Akech – as well as models that I’ve met along my journey who are chasing their dreams of being not only models, but also authors, and influencers, and engineers.

Wow, you know we’re loving all this insight that we’ve gained into Natalia in this post. Here’s to her continuing to pursue her dreams in modeling, business, and whatever else that comes along with it!

And be sure to catch the final products of the 2019 Barbizon Get Discovered Contest in this behind-the-scenes video of Natalia’s photoshoot and trip to Los Angeles as well as her photo spread, which will be appearing in the April/May issue of Girls’ Life magazine very soon!