Barbizon alumni come from all walks of life, and they often go on to do great things in modeling, acting, and beyond! While many students come to Barbizon to get started in the modeling and acting industry, the personal development and self-confidence focus of a Barbizon program can often make the biggest impact. This is because possessing a positive self-confidence is one of the keys to success in life and any career someone pursues.

We spoke with Barbizon alumna Dr. Simone Alicia more on personal development and her success after Barbizon. Dr. Simone understands why positive self-confidence is so important as she went on to become a professional model, public speaker and educator known as The Self Esteem Doctor. Read on to catch her insights in our exclusive interview with her!

How would you describe your role in your current career and occupation?

body shot of Dr. Simone AliciaI would describe my professional role (and lifelong calling) to be that of a teacher. From the very core of my being, I was born to teach. Today I work as a self-esteem coach, known as The Self Esteem Doctor and my teaching has taken the form of coaching, demonstrating, leading, guiding and more. I use tools like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, and Metaphysical Sciences to help my students, followers and clients to make positive changes in the way they think about themselves and their lives.

As a Barbizon graduate, what was your biggest takeaway from the program? Are there any valuable skills or lessons that you learned from the program and still use today?

I remember feeling very special after graduating from Barbizon. I felt poised and confident to not only walk the runway, but to present myself in life. To be honest, I felt like a secret superstar and that feeling has propelled many limitless dreams and great experiences in my life.

What have you done in the modeling and acting industry after graduating from Barbizon?

Dr. Simone Alicia on the red carpet at FLL Fashion Week Kids WeekendOh my! This will be fun to reflect on. Since Barbizon I first went on to do small photo shoots around Miami – some of which became billboards spotted on highways in the Midwest, flyers on the stands in New York and posters on the side of a local community college.

Later, I signed with Stella J Brown Talent and Green Agency to book modeling and background work throughout the state of Florida. I actually modeled for Saks Fifth Avenue, walked the runway at the Orlando Magic Arena and was a background actor on a USA television series called, Burn Notice.

Just a few years ago, I was asked to participate in a proof of concept film, Pretty Big Girl, about self-esteem where I played myself and earned the title of associate producer. The project got me listed on IMDb, an accomplishment for which I am very proud! Most recently, I participated in Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week as a runway model and sponsor in 2021 and joined them again in 2022 by training their young models and hosting the kids fashion weekend.

You call yourself “The Self Esteem Doctor.” Why is that and why is self-esteem so important to focus on?

Yes, my company is The Self Esteem Doctor and it is how I have come to be known by my students, clients and audiences around the world.

The way I define self-esteem is that it’s the way we are thinking and feeling about ourselves and our lives. This is fundamentally THE MOST important thing in our human experience because it determines our actions, goals, successes, resilience, compassion and responses to everything and everyone in life. Self-esteem is built into everything from our past, present and future.

And despite widespread confusion, it goes way beyond looks and body image (although that is also included). Self-esteem, at its core, is about The True Self, the Divine inner greatness within each of us and it can be quite a spiritual experience.

How important is a positive mindset and a healthy self-esteem for models and actors when they are pursuing work in the industry? How can parents help support their children to maintain a positive mindset and healthy self-esteem in this industry?

A positive mindset has a deeper role to play on the journey of success than most people realize, both in and out of the industry. In fact, once we understand both the quantum and metaphysical sciences behind our thoughts, we get to understand that they are in fact a powerful resource to help determine our outcomes in whatever we are pursuing.

For models and actors, they get to understand the value of believing in themselves and mentally visualizing and emotionally rehearsing booking jobs, landing roles and loving themselves every step of the way.

screen grab of Dr. Simone Alicia from her online academy courseWhen it comes to children, it is important that parents support their self-esteem by teaching them the value of their thoughts and feelings, while also teaching them HOW to keep them positive. Parents can use affirmations, role playing, journaling, meditation and gratitude to start the journey of healthy self-esteem and positive mindset with their kids.

Most importantly, parents, children, teens and industry talent must adopt a lifestyle of positive self-esteem habits and practices. Add it to the list of daily maintenance for the human experience; brush your teeth, cleanse your body, eat healthy foods, stay hydrated, and nurture your self-esteem. The result will last a lifetime.

As someone who’s built their own career path in the modeling and acting industry and now as an educator, coach, and motivational speaker, what advice do you have for young people who are also thinking of pursuing their interests towards a non-traditional career path?

Go for it! But use your mindset tools on purpose. Be deliberate in nurturing your self-esteem, empower and encourage yourself e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y.  Make sure your positive voice of self-belief is louder, stronger and more powerful than anyone else who may doubt you or question the validity of you choosing the road less traveled.

Dr. Simone Alicia public speaking at a conferenceAt the same time, don’t do something different, just to “try” to be different. Follow the calling within your soul. Like I’ve heard it said, “find your Ikigai.” That’s the beautiful combination of what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs and what you can be paid for. When that all comes together, your passion is ignited and your purpose is fulfilled – and that helps both you and the world! If that is where your non-traditional path leads you, then again I say, GO FOR IT!

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your career journey? What plans for the future do you have?

Dr. Simone on the red carpet at a fashion eventI am most proud of recognizing my Ikigai. (I have heard debates about the way this word should be used, but in the way I’ve described it here, I am so very proud!)

I am a teacher.  I’ve followed my interests, I’ve practiced what I preach and I’ve used my own tools to achieve success. Now, I’m sharing it with the world, because self-esteem starts with the individual, but doesn’t end there, it expands to help everyone. I’ve learned to “pull as I climb.”

All of this combined with homeschooling my own two children, opening my online academy (so these resources can be accessed globally 24/7) and traveling the world with the love of my life are truly my greatest accomplishments to date.

The future is a delicious vision of fun, exploration and limitless expansion for me. I look forward to more on-air interviews to add to the list of amazing hosts and news anchors I’ve been able to chat with. I am also eager to expand my travels and meet new audiences around the world. I plan to do more movie cameos (and host my own show) to help share these powerful tools with the masses. And ultimately, I’d like to open a mind-dazzling facility focused on this work, but the details on that are hush, hush at the moment.

The possibilities are truly endless.

Sounds like there’s more amazing work to come from Dr. Simone Alicia! For more on The Self Esteem Doctor follow her on Instagram and check out her resources at and