By: Kristina Anderson, Barbizon International

Open casting calls can be a great way to get your foot in an agency and meet with potential representation. Open casting calls are scheduled times an agent or the agency will open their doors to meet with models they could potentially want to sign. Research different agencies online and carefully review what types of models they are looking for and if they have any specific requirements listed. Different agencies may have different requests for models attending an open call and you want to be sure that you have everything you need to participate. Here are a few more tips to help you shine at your next open casting call!

Arrive Early
As with any audition or professional meeting, strive to be at an open casting call about 10 minutes early. Popular agencies may attract many models to their open call and being early can put you at the front of the line. Larger agencies will attract many models and arriving too late can cause you to miss an opportunity if you are not able to be seen by the time the casting call ends.

Bring One Parent/Guardian
If you are under 18 years old, you will need to bring one parent or guardian with you however other guests (siblings, extended family or friends) should not attend castings with you. Please keep in mind though that guardians should not go into the casting room unless called.

Dress Simply And Form-Fitting
Be sure to review the agency’s website to see if they have any requirements or preferences for what you should wear to the casting call. If they do not have any requirements listed, form-fitting jeans with a solid color t-shirt/tank top and heels (or plain sneakers for the guys) are standard wardrobe for model open casting calls.

Opt For Minimal, Natural-looking Makeup
Remember that agents want to see what you really look like. If you don’t want to completely skip putting makeup on, opt for minimal, simple makeup that helps make you look fresh faced. To tie into this, your hair should be simply styled and out of your face.

Bring Current Photos
If you already have a model book that shows work you have done, you can bring it with you to an open casting call. Otherwise you should bring current snapshots of yourself that the agency can keep. They may want to take polaroids while you are there instead but it is always a good idea to keep recent pictures of yourself on hand in case the agent asks for them.

Be Yourself
Personality is a huge part of finding success as a beginner in the modeling industry. Agents want to work with models who can be professional and approachable. Your personality can really set you apart from the competition so take a deep breath and be yourself!


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