Real actors know that acting is more than just memorizing and speaking your lines. It’s about stepping into the life and story of your character and delivering a performance that pulls the audience in. To do this effectively and believably, acting requires equal parts of research and imagination.\r\n\r\nResearch is where you take the time to learn everything humanly possible about your character. Where did he/she grow up? What was their family like? Do they have a short temper? Or maybe they are always calm, cool and collected? Did they like going to school or hate it? By diving headfirst into where your character came from and the things they have experienced, you will be able to understand and grasp how they would react in certain situations. It will give you the foundation to play a whole, well-rounded character and the ability to perform in a way that is true to the writer’s intention.\r\n\r\nImagination, on the other hand, is what allows you to walk a mile in your character’s shoes. It is what will let you believe that you are experiencing the same thing your character is experiencing; That your fellow actors aren’t talking at you, they are talking TO you. Imagination is what will allow you to have honest reactions and true feelings as you go through scenes and this is what separates good actors from great actors.\r\n\r\ndivline\r\n\r\nSign up for the next Barbizon Modeling and Acting audition in your area.\r\n\r\nSchedule-Audition-Button