By: Theresa Standfast, Barbizon International 

If you or your child is new to modeling and acting, you may not know where to begin when it comes to entering the industry. And whether you’ve come across the name Barbizon while searching for modeling or acting information online or have seen our ambassadors spreading the word in one of your local malls, you may be be wondering, “Is Barbizon legitimate?”  

The answer is YES! While there are many different ways to break into the modeling and acting industry, gaining the skills, training, and confidence to pursue this career path is beneficial to equipping you or your child with the tools needed to succeed. And Barbizon is a company that offers industry-leading training and placement services to aspiring models and actors for over 80 years now! Here’s what you can expect from a Barbizon program:

Barbizon Auditions

Barbizon Modeling and Acting holds free auditions and tryouts every year in locations all over the country. No prior experience in modeling or acting is needed to audition with Barbizon. At the audition, you will learn more about Barbizon and meet one-on-one with a Talent Director to learn about your options with training and booking opportunities in the industry. 

Barbizon Modeling and Acting Schools

If more training is recommended for you or your child, you will have the opportunity to sign up for your local Barbizon Modeling and Acting school. With over 200 markets worldwide, you can bet that there is a school near you! Operating under a mission of helping young people gain confidence and develop unparalleled life skills, Barbizon Modeling and Acting schools teach:

  • Modeling Training: Makeup application, hair and skin care, photo posing and movement, runway techniques, wardrobe planning, nutrition and exercise, fashion workshops, fashion show techniques, photo shoots, pageants, product modeling, and more. 
  • Acting Training: Improvisation, audition practice, understanding a scene, connecting to the character, monologue, cold read, and more.
  • Personal Development: Speech and voice projection, dressing for success, interview skills, self confidence development, poise, etiquette and public speaking.
  • And more!

Barbizon Graduate Support Services

Once you graduate from a program, we are here to help you find real experience in the industry. Contact your local Barbizon for more information on the types of support services that are available to help connect you with real modeling and acting opportunities right in your hometown!

Additionally, once a Barbizon graduate, always a Barbizon graduate. All Barbizon alumni have access to lifetime refresher courses in modeling and acting. 

Is Barbizon Legitimate?

Now that you know what Barbizon Modeling and Acting offers for those looking to enter the modeling and acting industry or for those looking simply to gain more confidence and life skills, you might still be wondering, “Is Barbizon legitimate?” The fact is Barbizon is legitimate, but you don’t have to take just our word for it. You can read reviews from Barbizon graduates and parents on our website about their Barbizon experiences. You can also read even more reviews from our customers on Consumer Affairs and see our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Be sure to connect with us on social media on Facebook and Instagram where you can find more proof of how Barbizon is legit in your area with student/alumni reviews and follow the success stories of Barbizon graduates working in modeling and acting!