We are living in a digital world and in it more and more ways of socially connecting continue to pop up. Everyone* has a Facebook. And Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat lead the charge for how we communicate and document our lives.

Here are a few key tips to help keep your online social footprint heading in the right direction:

  • Don’t share anything you aren’t comfortable with the whole world knowing… forever. Consider that whenever you post anything online, anyone can copy and reshare it.
  • Safety comes first. Don’t count on privacy settings to keep everything you post a secret. Also, be careful geotagging your posts. You wouldn’t want the whole world to know where you are and what you are doing all of the time.
  • Don’t be a cyberbully and do reach out to someone if you feel like you are being bullied.
  • Do let your social media accounts be a reflection of who you are. These profiles are a great way to show off your uniqueness.
  • If you are working in the modeling or acting industry, do create a social media account just for your professional posts and a separate one for friends and family. This will help you keep your “work” accounts interesting and professional. Is your professional account the right place for all your selfies? Probably no.
  • Do post about the amazing projects and castings you go on. Behind the scenes pics, when you are allowed to post them of course, are always a fun thing to share.
  • Know the power of social influence and how it can impact your career. Especially in modeling, if you can build an online fan-base of followers, that audience counts as a big plus when you are looking to gain representation or book jobs.

*OK, maybe not everyone has a Facebook. But it sure does feel like it sometimes.divline

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