Barbizon and Girls’ Life’s Get Discovered Model Search contest always brings in some of the best and brightest fresh faces. And learning about what makes each girl unique is nothing short of amazing! In this exclusive interview, 2020 Semi-Finalist Lily Huang gives us insight into her life as a regular teen and aspiring model from her interests and fashion inspiration to her feelings on her cultural heritage. Catch all the details on Lily below, and enter the Get Discovered contest yourself for a chance to be featured next plus win a photoshoot in Girls’ Life Magazine! 

What do you like most about modeling?

Being in front of the camera is definitely my favorite part about modeling because I can show my personality and who I am in front of everyone. And by pursuing my passion to be a fashion model, I can also meet a lot of new people in this industry and make friends.

 Lily modeling, seated on the porch of a skyrise with a skyline in the background As a recent Barbizon graduate, have you done anything in the modeling and acting industry since your graduation?

I have signed with a local agency, walked in fashion shows, and modeled for local brands! 

Other than modeling, what hobbies or activities do you participate in?

I found a great interest in ceramics as well, especially doing ceramics to develop a unique perspective to look at things and their beauties. I also do a lot of volunteering in my community as I feel like it should be my duty to help others if I can.

What career would you like to pursue after high school and why?

I would like to study international relations in college and want to be a marketing director for an international company. Not only do I think it is cool to study about different countries across the world, but also by being a marketing director, I can fully utilize my creativity and interest in different cultures to market for a product or a brand.

Who do you admire most?

I admire my mom the most. She was the first generation immigrant to the U.S. in my family. By the time she was here in this country alone, she had to do everything for a living while having difficulties with the language and the culture. I admire her strong adaption to a new environment and her endurance in hard conditions like having a language barrier.

What was it like to see yourself featured on Girls’ Life’s Instagram?Lily in front of a green planted background modeling with an orange bucket hat on

It was surreal! I got asked by my friends and classmates when they saw my post featured on Girl’s Life’s Instagram. First of all, I was really happy that they asked. Secondly, I think it was a good way to show my friends and the ones around me about the more in-depth story of me and the side of me as a fashion model. 

Where do you get fashion inspiration from? 

I get my fashion inspiration from different brands’ social media content. I will try to find a piece of similar clothing that they style with and wear it on myself, and I am always trying to catch onto current trends.

What type of music do you listen to, and who’s your favorite artist? 

I listen to Pop and Indie music a lot, and my favorite artist is Taylor Swift. Not only is her music really good and she’s very talented, but also her music is so unique as each and every music piece tells a story of her own or teaches a lesson based on her experience.

Lily modeling sporty attire with a bucket hat onWhat is your cultural background and what is one thing you would share with others about it that means something to you? 

I come from a family with a variety of cultures, including Chinese, Japanese and American cultures. I want to let others know to always appreciate your background. I am really thankful for my parents letting me immerse with different cultures when I was little. It not only allowed me to look at things from different perspectives, it led me to develop a greater interest to learn about other cultures.

On a typical Saturday, where can someone find you, and doing what?

On a typical Saturday, people can find me maybe running around the neighborhood as part of my daily exercise routine or they might find me grabbing a drink from a local shop after my run!