When Barbizon graduates gain the skills, training, and connections to be successful in the modeling and acting industry, they go on to sign with agencies as well as book modeling work, acting gigs, and more!  You’ll want to catch all of the notable successes they accomplished this past month of October. And if you’re wondering how a Barbizon Modeling and Acting program can help you get started in the industry too, find out more in our FAQs.

Barbizon Southwest alum, Taylor Lynn, booked a photoshoot for Aveda.

Taylor modeling Aveda styled hair as well as modeling with her hair in foil as it's being done

Barbizon San Antonio grad, Cole Jackson, signed with Avant Agency in Texas.

Cole Jackson modeling and posing on the runway

Barbizon Red Bank grad, Maddy, booked a fall photoshoot for Cloud Mask and Castello Boutique.

collage: body shot of Maddy and two shots of her modeling outside with another model in a pumpkin patch, both wearing CLOUD masks

Barbizon Chicago alum, Jaylinn Harris, modeled in a photoshoot for WEModel USA.

collage of Jaylinn modeling in a red dress outside with a lit up ferris wheel in the background

Barbizon Southwest alum, Emily Turner, walked in Paris Fashion Week for Michael Lombard and was featured as the cover model for Fashzilla Magazine October 2021.

Cover of Fashzilla Magazine Octover 2021 featuring Emily posing on the runway

Barbizon alum, Mason Minus, signed with Dino May Management.

headshot of Mason smiling

Barbizon Chique alumni (from left clockwise,) Diamond White, Sarah Lancaster, Lauren McCarthy, Kahlia Fletcher, and Danielle Alura, were featured in an editorial “Glamorously Gold” for Vigour Magazine.

collage of alumni modeling in different poses wearing gold accents and jewelry in the Vigour editorial feature

Barbizon alum, Mikalah Yosick, signed with LRJ Management.

Mikalah modeling on the beach

Barbizon Chique alumni, Dave Lauscar and Daniel Tait, walked in Philly Fashion Week.

Dave walking in a designer outfit on the runwayDaniel Tait walking in a designer outfit on the runway

Barbizon alumna Camila Rodil signed with X Level Talent Agency.

collage of Camila signing her agency contract including one of her laughing and two of her signing the papers

Barbizon Southwest alum, Rudra, was featured as a cover model for All Eyes Magazine, Issue 41, October 2021.

Rudra modeling in a yellow suit on the cover for All Eyes Magazine

Barbizon Chique grad, Chey, was featured as the cover model for Proficient Magazine October 2021.

Chey modeling in a swimsuit on the cover of Proficient

Barbizon alumni walked in FTM Fashion Week for Damien Lee and Earl Bannister. Model Talent for Damien Lee included: A’mia Renfroe, Destiny, Aaliyah White, Carmen Kennedy, Suutumee Negash, Cheyenne Holliday, Allia Brown, Austin Mcmillan, Kamaria Ambrus, Anna Ramirez, Lyrin Wiedman, and Samora Finney. Model Talent for Earl Bannister included Vashon Wallace, Ahlija Gilbert, Gage Sauls, Bryson Brown, Casey Mcclellan, Titus Ward, Todd Dominick, and Graham Nesbitt.

collage of Barbizon alumni at the FTM Fashion week including a three group photos and a close up of a model walking in the show

Barbizon PA Grad, Candice Sabiduria, modeled in campaigns for Forever 21, Pantone, Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga, Old Navy, and LITA by Ciara.


collage of Candice modeling in different ads for the mentioned campaigns

Barbizon Atlanta grad, La’miah Essence-Rose Heath, booked roles on TV shows, Heels, The Wonder Years (reboot), The First Lady, Johnson, Till, Sweet Magnolia’s, and On a Wing and a Prayer.

side by side body shots of La'miah posing and smiling and looking professional while posing

Barbizon PA grad Averi Hodgson, signed with Signed Management.

modeling headshot of Averi

Barbizon Buffalo grad, April Mosgeller, signed with BMG Models.

modeling side profile shot of April on the beach

Barbizon Southwest alum, Olivia Staubin, was featured in a Denver Fashion Week ad in 303 Magazine.

Denver Fashion Week ad of Olivia modeling in a seated pose and white fashion outfit

Barbizon Columbia grad, Fatima Agredano, signed with Specimen Model Management.

collage Fatima modeling in different poses including a body shot, front profile head shot, and side profile head shot

Barbizon Chique grad, Kaz Will (far right,) booked and filmed a Checker’s and Rally’s Commercial by M2M Studios. He also booked and appeared in a commercial for Best Buy.

Kaz posing with other actors on set for the Checker's & Rally's commercial


Barbizon Dallas grad, Briona Johnson, walked in four different New York Fashion week shows and shot with Twilight Portraits for social media promotion. She’s signed with X Level Inc.

body shot of Briona modeling next to a head shot of her modeling

Barbizon Saint Louis alumni, Kristy (red dress,) modeled for Lacy Clagg Photography, Kristen (purple dress,) for Terry Keys Photography, and Alisa (patterned body suit,) for fine art photographer, Eric Burke, at the 7th annual Shutterfest Conference.

Kristy modeling in a red dress and Lacy modeling in a purple dresscollage of Alisa modeling in a patterned outfit showing the outline of her body with black and white shots juxtaposed against similar shots in color

Barbizon Dallas grad, Kavya, signed with R Models Agency.

headshot of Kavya

Barbizon PA grad, Calista Courtney, modeled for clothing retailer Cove Austin.

Calista modeling in a fashionable outfit outside for Cove

Barbizon Houston grad, Paris Taylor, was featured in Wild Child Magazine.

Two pages from the Wild Child Magazine featuring Paris

Barbizon Chique grad, AnnaMarie Brown, was featured as the cover model for Chic Kids Magazine volume 25, September 2021.

Chic Kids Magazine cover featuring AnnaMarie Brown

Barbizon Minneapolis grad, Katya Vladykina, walked the runway for Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection at the Palais d’Iéna in Paris.

Katya walking on the runway for Miu Miu

Barbizon Red Bank students and grads modeled in a health and wellness fashion show at the Ocean County Mall.

behind the scenes shot of Red Bank models posing together at the mall at the health and wellness fashion show

Barbizon New Carrollton grad, Joseph Flucas, signed with Union Model Management in NYC.

Joseph signing his agency contract next to a head shot of him

Barbizon Saint Louis alum, Graci Rose, walked in the Arcania Fashion Show.


Barbizon Chique grad, Hassan, appeared in the remake music video of Beatles hit “Eleanor Rigby” for Kjersti Long.

collage of Hassan in different poses and close-ups from the music video

Barbizon alum, Logan McCorvey, booked the STMNT Grooming premiere show in Orlando, FL.

Logan posing with a skim board on the beach

Barbizon SoCal grads and sisters, Sadie and Ava, booked and filmed a holiday commercial for Kohl’s.


Barbizon San Antonio grad, Cruz Johnson, was interviewed on a local Houston radio program “Kids Jamz 2” and walked at the Dear Frank movie soundtrack party as a Brand Ambassador for Mudd Films booked under Upscale Talent and Productions.

collage of Cruz being interviewed at the event, standing in a group of other teenagers at the event, and a promotional poster featuring her for the radio show

Barbizon Red Bank alum, Yusby Mendez, modeled in two bridal shows for Elegant Bridal Productions.

Yusby modeling in a wedding dress at a bridal show next to a photo of her modeling in a bridesmaid's dress next to another model at a bridal show

BUSA graduate, Instructor, and DOE, Mackenzie Mangarelli, was featured as a background extra in the scene “DOA of the PTA” as well as additional scenes for a Lifetime feature film.

Mackenzie seated in a blue dress and modeling pose

Barbizon alum, Graham Nesbitt, walked in the Curb Gear Fashion Week Models Party benefiting the Lupus Foundation in St. Petersburg, FL.

Graham posing in front of glass sculptures at the fashion show

Barbizon Chique alumni, Sanahji Monique,Diamond White, Ava Mcknight, Mayeline Rodriguez, Lauren Mccarthy, Tania Molinari, and Dave Lauscar appeared in i-Fashion Magazine for designer Edwing D’Angelo in New York Fashion Week.